Here, you can find out more about the Eternal Brotherhood of light, including it's structure and beliefs.

Members of the guild have access to all of the history and lore ... however, guests are welcome - nay, encouraged - to read the information which is available freely here.



±Eternal Brotherhood Of Light± Official Guild Guide

Note: Any masculine references can also be as feminine, as gender is not an issue here. You should
read thismanual thoroughly, and abide by andreinforce it always.

Our main goal is to try and administer peace and good will throughout all realities (ie. the forum, role-play e-mails, etc.). As a guild we are bound as one, and must support each other and be tolerant of all.

We do not condone or support the actions of anyone or anything evil. But if provoked, we can and must defend ourselves and any fellow guild members that may be in danger. Our main aim is peace, but in extreme situations, where it is beyond reasoning, we may fight for what is righteous.

We do not look for enemies, but if someone plans on making us their enemy we shall try everything possible to find out why, and deal with the situation. War is a very extreme situation, and we should do our upmost to avoid it. We are a good guild, but remain neutral in hope of bringing peace to all around us.

Protection of the innocent is of vital importance, and as such we will do our upmost to achieve this.If this means walking away from a situation then so be it, no matter what others may say or do. Our personal reputation is of no import compared to the lives of the innocent.

Though we look not for trouble we must if at all possible, come to the aid of any or all of our allies. Alliegances are difficult to achieve and must be worked at to maintain.

± Guild Structure ±

The guild is headed by the guildleader and his / her staff, these eight people are there to serve the guild and its members and must under no circumstances loose sight of this fact.

Guildmeetings will be held on a regular basis , the purpose to bring to everyones attention actions of any and all members that affect the guild. And to discuss any matters of general concern which may have arisen in the
preceeding days since the last meeting. To include members not on the forum there will be on the first sunday of everymonth a guildmeeting held upon ICQ also.

To facilitate the monthly guildmeeting, a week prior to the meeting an e-mail will be sent asking whom would like to be there and for any submissions to the meeting agenda.The agenda will be sent out two days prior to the meeting.

Newsletters will be sent in a weekly or fortnightly basis, detailing forum news and summaries of meetings held.Anyone wishing to submitt to the newsletter may do so by sending the details to the guildleader or scribe.

Command Structure Rules:-

Guildleader:- The guildhead is denoted by the "¹" <alt 0185> .He /She will represent the guild in the synod , and at all official functions .It is their duty to liase with our allied guildleaders and to report back the results of such meetings .The guildleader appoints the staff positions to those that can best fill the role , and as ultimate say on everything that effects the guild .He /She and only them as the right to decide on the course of the guild , but will seek advice from their staff so as to best serve the guild.

Grand Vizier:- This position is denoted by the "² "<alt 0178>.He/She is the aide-de-camp to the guildleader . They are in charge of military issues in time of war and liase with the breathren as to actions pertaining to the breathrens
men-at-arms etc at such times .They are also the guildleaders personal aide , passing on orders and instructions
, given to them by the guildleader .They are also to help the transition between guildleaders and keep stability within the guild , acting as guildleader pro -tem if the guildleader is injured or killed , unless a new leader as already been provided for .

Grand Advisor:- This position is denoted by the "³ "<alt 0179 >.He /She acts as a sounding board and gives General advice in all matters pertaining to the guild. They are the keeper of the rules and the enforcer of the rules.
They acy as leader pro-tem if both the guildleader and the grand vizier are unable to lead the guild .

Head of Security:- He/She is responsible for the security of the guildleader and his/her family , and the security of
the Eternal Castle of Light <ECoL> as well as dealing with any security breaches that effect the guild .They are to be consulted on all security related matters and must detail the security for ECoL etc in written format .

Head of Intelligence:- He/She is responsible for the gathering of intelligence pertaining to the guild , either generally or to breathren in particular . They are also responsible for collecting general information that may at some point
aid the guild or protect it in someway . It is there job to sift through the information gathered by themselves or given to them by other breathren and to after verification pass on reliable information to the other officers in
written format .

Recruitment officer:- He/She is responsible for correlating recruits information and presenting it to the guildleader
for acceptance into the guild . He /She is also responsible for informing the recruits of their acceptance and passing on their information to the other breathren.They are also responsible for carrying out routine verification
checks on all registered information.While the Recruitment officer position is held by a non forum member they will have working for them a forum recruitment co-ordinator .

Forum recruitment co-ordinator :- This position will be held by an active forum member .Who is responsible for recruitment in the forum , acting on namesproposed to them by guild breathren. They are to collect information from the
recruits and to pass it on to the R O on a regular basis .

Scribe:- <this position will hold the honourary rank of 10> who will act as an unbaised representative to the general members .All members will have the right to view the minutes to any and all council meetings upon request at any time
after their publishing .